The Sweetness of Bangka’s Special Rintak Cake

Helloindonesia.idBangka Belitung Province has a traditional cake that is so popular with various groups ranging from children to parents. Rintak Cake. Cakes made from the main ingredient of Sago are usually always served during Eid al-Fitr.

Rintak Bangka Belitung
Rintak Bangka Belitung

Cake cake or also known as sago cake is often used as a snack. Usually this cake is enjoyed while accompanied by a cup of warm sweet tea or coffee. Its sweet taste makes it difficult for anyone who enjoys this cake to stop eating it.

This cake is so easy to find in stores that sell food in Bangka and Belitung. The tourists who visit the Province which has the capital of Pangkal Pinang usually do not forget to buy this cake as a souvenir for their relatives at home.

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