Barelang I Bridge from the Riau Archipelago

Helloindonesia.idBatam, besides being popular as an industrial city, this city also has a tourist charm that is no less interesting than other cities in Indonesia. One of the attractions that you can find while visiting Batam is the Barelang Bridge. The name Barelang Bridge comes from the abbreviation BAtam, REmpang, and GAlang.

Barelang I Bridge
Barelang I Bridge

This 642 m bridge connects Batam Island and Tonton Island. By using cable stayed construction that is a large steel cable used as a bridge binder. The ends of the cable are tied to the edge of the road within a certain distance and at the top are collected at a point above the top of a concrete pillar that is 200 m high, this bridge is not uncommon as a location for taking pictures.

At first glance, this bridge is similar to the golden gate in San Francisco, so it is not surprising that many tourists who love to enjoy the beauty of the scenery around the bridge which is about 20 KM from downtown Batam.

By the Batam City government, the bridge which is also often called the Habibie Bridge has been named as a symbol of the city of Batam.

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